Friday, 13 June 2008

Radio interview

I've been interviewed by Catherine Nicoll of Manx Radio for the Shiaght Laa programme today.

I thought there must have been a mistake when they asked me to go on a cultural show!

Catherine was exploring the growth of the event, the increase in the number of female competitors, the place of the event in Manx culture and other issues.

It will be broadcast on the programme next Wednesday at 6.05 if you are remotely interested!

I wasn't sure if my nerves today were caused by the thought of going on the radio for the first time in a long time or the thought of running around Mooragh Park in a couple of hours time for the first time in almost a year.


Anonymous said...

I also heard today (Friday) that Robbie Callister and John Cannell were interviewed live on 3FM?? Wonder if it is possible to get to hear theirs again and also maybe a link to your interview if any of us miss it?

Anonymous said...

John and Robbie were on the breakfast programme for about an hour. I was trying to work and listen at the same time but missed most of it.

I think I heard Robbie say that he was going to let me win while holding Sean and Jock back but I could be mistaken.

Just checked 3fm's website and I can't see a 'playback' facility.

Murray's should be on the Manx Radio 'Vault' by Thursday