Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Parish Walk on Christmas Day agenda

Happy Christmas everyone. I hope that everyone with an interest in the Parish Walk enjoys Christmas Day, the Christmas period and is looking forward to the year ahead.

Its my 52nd Christmas Day and, like most people who have been around for a good few, I can remember many happy Christmas times and quite a few others that have been less than happy because of illness or sadness affecting family or friends. This one falls into the former category for me but I know plenty of people who have problems in their lives and so I shall be thinking of them as well.

So much for the sermon! How many of you received new trainers or training tops for Christmas?

The main reason for adding to my blog on Christmas Day is to maintain the momentum that has gathered during the past three and a half weeks since the launch of the http://www.parishwalk.com/ website for 2008.

I'm amazed to see that an average of 50 people are visiting the site each day even at this time of the year. 2 so far this morning at 9.45!

I've got unlimited plans for the website and some of you will know from conversations that I have had that I planned to do features on certain people by this stage in proceedings. One thing that I sometimes do, however, to keep my website hobby interesting, is to spend time on doing something that I had not planned. I don't want to spend my whole life working a "to do" list.
So in the week leading up to Christmas, instead of doing the things I planned, whilst I was tidying up my video collection, I finally took the opprtunity to watch the video of the 2004 Parish Walk featuring Robbie Callister. Stuart, the producer, had given it to me at the time of the 2007 Parish Walk but with so many other things on, I did not even finish watching it never mind publishing it on the website.

So my Christmas project became the publication of this video. Its now available in four parts on the http://www.manxathletics.com/ website and I am just about to put it onto the http://www.parishwalk.com/ site.

So if you get bored with TV today, turn to http://www.parishwalk.com/ for 35 minutes of Stuart's video!

Here is my picture of Stuart and Craig (Robbie Callister'ssupport team) the night before the 2007 Clerical Medical Parish Walk.

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