Friday, 14 December 2007

Very little to do with the Parish Walk

I used to have an occassional feature on my other website, called "nothing to do with athletics" when I would write about something that I had been doing (or if I had a decent picture) so this is a bit a revival of that idea.

I went to watch Squeeze at the Villa Marina last night. The venue was packed which must have meant somewhere in the region of 1400. That's about the same number of people who are expected to start the Parish Walk in June and it looked an awful lot. The Villa Marina is also where the Clerical Medical Parish Walk prize presentation is held and the only other link I could find was that there must have been people there last night who will also be taking part in the Parish Walk who will back in the Villa Marina for the presentation in six months time!

The last time I saw Squeeze frontman Glenn Tilbrook was when he performed at WH Smith in Douglas. Yes, as part of a part of a promotion for a solo concert at the Venue on a Sunday evening in 2001 he played a promotional session in a Douglas shop. He burst in from Strand Street singing a track from his (then) new solo album "This is Where You Ain't" and for the vast majority of people that was apt. There were probably 30 people at most there to see him but we sucumbed to his album and the autographed copy became a great favourite, even though I wasn't able to make the real concert.

The last time I saw Squeeze was either in 1978 or 1979 (I'm having a dispute with myself on this one) at Victoria Hall in Hanley, Stoke on Trent. I was a student in Stoke between 1975 and 1979.

Thanks to one of the stars of last week's cross country video, Nigel Armstrong (the speed at which he went through the river crossing was awesome) for getting the tickets last night. More importantly, thanks to the promoter (Triskel Promotions) for bringing the band to the Island. The sound was a bit lacking again in the early stages but once that settled down they were great. Here is a picture.

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