Thursday, 17 January 2008

The first 100 entries ....and 1

I had hoped to capture the first 100 online entries for the 2008 Clerical Medical Parish Walk but after tracking the number through the 90s I missed the 100th one.

So, here for the record are the first 101....
Jasmine Abrey
Sue Ackroyd
Christopher Adaway
Steve Allen
Rob Aspinall
Fred Baker
Anthony Ball
Bernie Ball
Helen Ballinger-Wood
Adrian Beale
Martijn Biesmans
Michael Bonney
Robbie Breadner
Andrew Bridson
Robin Cain
Sharon Cain
Chris Cale
Selwyn Callister
David Cannell
Dave Capelen
Christine Carter
Roger Hammond Cave
Eleanor Chapman
Bethany Clague
Sally Clancey
Kath Colquitt
Sharon Constancon
Prudence Cook
Mark Corkish
Bob Corrin
Tony Couperwoods
Jane Cregeen
Peter Crellin
Jonathan Crossley
Martyn Cull
Natasha Cushing
Neil Cushing
Mike Cutsforth
Michelle Draper
Tony Dugdale
Emma Edge
David Gawne
Adrian Gell
Richard Gerrard
Claire Goodby
Angela Goody
Keith Green
Dagmar Griesinger
Edward Howard
Eleanor Humphreys
Alan Johnston
Arran Kaighin
Lee Kelly
Terry Kelly
Adam Killip
Willie Kinvig
Rob Kneen
Steven Leach
Gill Lunt
Jane Lyall
Jean Lynch
Dave Mackey
Amy Maguire
Joanne Masterson
Alan McCulloch
Colin Stephen Moore
Trish Moore
Lisa Motley
Gillian Munro
Tony Okell
Robert Peck
Kathryn Prince
Gavin Quiggin
Terri Salmon
Nick Saunders
Edwin Shaw
Andrew Skelly
Cath Smith
Terry Smith
Charlie Stephens
John Stevens
Mark Stewart
Neil Stoutt
Sue Strang
Ian Strodder
Chris Swales
Trudi Telling
Nigel Thomas
Russ Thomas
Nerene Vorster
Jock Waddington
Ian Wakley
Douglas Waller
Karen Warburton
Carl Watson
Lisa Whear
Mark Whear
Alex Wijsman
Richard Wild
Pattie Williams
Lucy Woolnough

I'm expecting around 1500 entries so that means there are around 1400 more of you to reach your for plastic.

Actually, its slightly less than that as a few people are still choosing the conventional entry system. There will be delays in listing the other entries (one of the main reasons for moving to online entries) as there is more work to do banking cheques and inputting to the computer from the printed entry form.

Go on! Enter online today.

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