Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Oh crumbs, the women are catching up

Over my lunchtime sandwich (and I've got the crumbs on my keyboard to prove it) I have just compared the latest list of 122 entries with the 101 that I listed earlier on the blog.

The 21 new names are:

Joan Bradley
Tracy Brennan
John Byrne
Pauline Clague
Ian Comish
Kirsty Cregeen
Georgia Crellin
Di Cummins
Gary Devaney
Bernadette Devlin
Lynton Hoch
Mo Horisk
Jade Maddrell
Tracy Maddrell
Angela Martin
Charlene McGarry
Sheron Quayle
Glenn Saunders
Ian Scott
Russell Smith
Karen Thomson

I noticed that two thirds of the new entrants were women so that gave me more food for thought (the orange and banana have gone now too).

What sex are the entrants? (The use of the word sex is bound to bring a few new readers to the blog when they search Google!).

Well we have 70 men and 52 women so far.

So there is a challenge to the women. See if you can encourage your friends to enter and get ahead of the men. I'm hungry for more statistics.

I hope that you can digest them well.

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