Wednesday, 6 February 2008


My sums do not look right but they are.

When I analysed the entries last week there were 142 names among those that had entered online.

There are 18 new names this week but the total still only adds up to 159 as one entry has disappeared!

Here are the 18 new entries (Joan Bradley is no longer on the list):

Caroline Corteen
Chris Reynolds
Donna Gregson
Helen Fitz-Gerald
Jane Smith
John Ashton
John Currie
Jonathan Hebden
Leila Ashton
Nick Bowden
Patrick Crowe
Perry Downward
Peter Bradley
Rachele Quayle
Shaun Nesbitt
Steven Callister
Tim Knott
Victoria Hill

Tell your friends, tell your children, tell your parents, brothers, sisters and anyone you know - ENTER THE PARISH WALK ONLINE NOW!

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