Tuesday, 26 February 2008

More paper entries

I also received the latest list of paper entries from Elizabeth Corran (race secretary) last night.

There are an extra 26 entries.

That takes the list to 109 and together with the 214 online entries up to 323.

I am expecting another 1277 in total, or to put it another way, we have received 21.5% of the 1500 that I have been predicting.

Here are the 26 extra names.

Lynne Quayle
Tara Slinger
Regina Ripamonti
Alan Pilling
Karen Sharpe
Geoff Sharpe
William Aleander
Nikki Salmon
Peter Storey
Gemma Sharp
Pamela Scott
Hannah King
Craig Riley
Sonya Mercer
Raymond Myles
Peter Lewis
Geoff Cowle
Ian Dunbar
Gary Merrill
Kim Duncan
Janette Gledhill
Remo Ricardo
Alan Cooper
Ian Marshall
Jane Crowe
Julian Thomas

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