Friday, 22 February 2008

Pregnant excuses

I apologise that, since launching the at midnight on 1 December last year, there has been a missing link on the blog section "coming soon ....??".

It was originally supposed to be a mystery but any element of suspense has been well and truly lost after 11 weeks!

I was very grateful for all three of last years volunteers to write blogs. You may remember that my idea was to get three contrasting ambitions. Someone who was trying very seriously to get near the front, someone who had said "never again" but had given into the bug, and someone who was entering the event for the first time.

So thanks again to Steve Partington, Mark Hempsall and Dave Mackey for adding a new dimension to the website.

Women were very reluctant to write in the same open way as the men and, good as last year's bloggers were, they were all people taking the event fairly seriously.

So I wanted to try and get a bit more variety this year both in terms of someone that the novices could relate to - and preferably a woman.

Michael George is writing an excellent blog in the Steve Partington mould and I think Richard Wild's one brings a different approach. But I still wanted to find someone who would perhaps encourage people to open a dialogue with and to offer tips to rather than the tips coming from the blog.

About a month ago I found someone who said that they would write a blog if they got medical clearance to take part.

That person is a woman, a first timer and she is already making excuses! What more do we want? Well she is a professional journalist and last year she had the best excuse of all for not taking part after entering.

She got pregnant.

She has ben cleared to take part and she has kindly agreed to write the blog. It will be on the web at the weekend.

Maybe I can create a bit of suspense for that long.

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