Wednesday, 27 February 2008

David Griffiths in the Parish Walk

If you follow the links from the Parish Walk website to and the forum you will often find the name of David Griffiths.

He is incredibly enthusiastic about all aspects of athletics and provides results, comment and advice on the forum. He is often busy with his video camera and I have used quite a few of his films on my YouTube channel.

We don't always get the chance to put names to faces (or should it be faces to names) and, as I just stumbled upon a nice picture I took of him in the 2003 Parish Walk, I though I would use it for today's short update.

He has been been plagued by injuries in recent years but is hopeful that he is going to be able to do more of something, running or walking, in the future.

Here is his Parish Walk record:

Ballaugh 1982 10:59:00
Lezayre 1985 15:51:00
Jurby 1997 10:36:00
Maughold 1998 15:45:00
Andreas 199912:42:00
Finish 200021:26:25
Rushen 2001 03:18:00
German 2002 06:10:36
German 2003 05:48:10
Rushen 2007 03:32:51

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