Friday, 1 February 2008

The men have it

Michael "Blogger" George -among the latest entries.

There have been a further 30 online entries since I last analysed them - 18 men and 12 women. With 60% of the latest entries being of the male variety, they now represent 58% of the total entry.

Here is a lst of the new additions:

Abbie Corkish
David Anderson
David Tyler
Dot Saunders
Ed Burn
Emma Morter
Graham Webb
Irene George
James Head
Jonathan Keel
Juan Garrett
Katie Young
Kevin Ford
Kingsley Lambert
Leanne Whybrew
Maria Dimsdale
Mark Stewart
Matthew Haddock
Maxine Barlow
Michael George
Nicola Gardner
Pam Giles
Pete Russell
Peter Beighton
Peter Hartley
Ray Pitts
Rob Cannell
Sacha Rice
Sarah Joughin
Stephen Kelly

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