Friday, 15 February 2008

Women on top this week!

Yes, there have been 17 online entries by women in the past 9 days and only 16 by men.

It takes the online total to 202 (115 men and 87 women).

I'm fairly sure there will be over 300 entries in total by now. I'm sure I'll have another update from Elizabeth in the next few days. Enter online if you can - it saves a lot of work.

Here are the 33 new names in the online category:

Ann Henrard
Ann Newman
Antony Atkinson
Chris Balmer
Chris Wilson
Dean Martin
Emma Shimmin
Eric Jones
Frances Brook
Jane Thacker
Jeanette Sheridan
Julia Page
Karen Williams
Kerry Beattie
Kirk McCarthy
Liz Hunter
Margaret Willard
Marie Gilbertson
Mark Freeman
Martyn Oates
Neil Cracknell
Pam Hewins
Patrick Reid
Paul Devaney
Pauline Beattie
Rod Leonard
Roy McLean
Sarah Cretney
Sarah Kelly
Siobhan Pirrie
Steven Cannon
Steven Kimmins
Steven Stanley

I should point out that all my analysis is unofficial.

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