Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Dutch like blogs as well as clogs

A quick review of the statistics for my various websites show that 94% of the visitors to the site are from the UK (I'm afraid that includes the Isle of Man for most computer issues), 2% are from the US (probably looking for walks in Paris!), 2% from the Netherlands and 2% from other countries.

But the blog only attracts 89% of its nutters from the UK, 1% from the US and 1% from miscellanous countries. The remaining 9% are from the Netherlands. The walkers obviously like their blogs as well as clogs.

We get double, double Dutch here.

Some of the people who view this blog have noticed that I usually update it at lunchtime but I didn't intend to today. I was supposed to be in England but due to the severe weather Manx2 cancelled their plane to Leeds Bradford.

At least I now get a chance to stretch my aching limbs tonight for the first time since the 20 mile run on Sunday.

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