Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Just a few bits and pieces

Its been a few days since I wrote anything although I don't feel the need to make excuses.

I think that Karen Kneale, who used to have to input all of the Parish Walk entries into the computer but now only has to do the manual entries, was hard at work at the weekend as the number of entries has shot up.

There is likely to be some duplication at the moment between the manual list and the online list if the online list now includes the manual list! I'll try and reconcile the numbers before too long.

I remembered what the other "celebrity engagement" for Robbie Callister was - he is to open Laa Columb Killey in June. For those who don't live on the Isle of Man (or do live here but have made no effort to get involved in the community), "Laa Columb" is the annual parish festival of Arbory. Whilst the organisers plan to involve as many people as possible from their own parish, they also open up the sports (which have traditionally included a road run and a race walk) to the world. Its held on the last Saturday in June.

The event is held in a field near to Arbory Church. If you don't know where Arbory Church is you shouldn't be doing the Parish Walk!

My main focus, as far as athletics is concerned, for the next few days will be on the Easter Athletics Festival.

I was one of the first to enter the 10km run but last night I made the decision to withdraw. In the past year and a bit I have developed exercise induced asthma and although I now have an inhaler I was obviously not getting it right last night. Its always on the short sessions that I have problems. I tried to go a bit faster than usual but ended up running along the promenade on a 2 x 1.7 mile session at over 7 minute miles. I ran 20 miles at under 6.30 recently so I clearly had a problem again. I don't fancy spending all day Friday preparing for the 10km only to suffer in the same way.

So I shall be out with my cameras on Friday as well as Saturday afternoon as planned. As well as uplifting video to YouTube I'll be making a film for the prize presentation and I may manage to get a few copies onto DVD. Isle of Man College will not be producing a video this year and although mine will not be as professional as theirs, hopefully it will record as few memories as will the digital photos.

I'm also planning to photograph and film the Manx Mountain Marathon on Saturday morning. I'm planning to film some of the earlier stages this year.

All the above is of course subject to the weather. Which is a nice way of linking two of the stories above. Adrian Cowin, who provides the weather forecasts for most of the local events, is also chairman of the Laa Columb Killey organising committee.

Back to Robbie Callister. I have seen him a few times lately and am grateful to him for answering an SOS to do some work on our holiday cottage at Port Soderick. Just when I was about to start cleaning for our first guests of the season (we are pretty well full until the end of September - see www.murrayandmarie.com ) I noticed some water damage. I'm going to be working there on a couple of nights this week.

I'm meeting Robbie again next week though when I am filming him for a special feature for the www.parishwalk.com website.

Thanks to Stuart Gerrard, I am able to attend the Sports Awards dinner this Thursday. Watch out for the photos.

Lots of things to do with the family this weekend too but at least they will be spared my cooking for Sunday lunch - we are off to that excellent restaurant at the Welbeck Hotel run (should that we walked?) by Michael and Irene George. You'll have to read Michael's blog for the next few days.

Happy Easter.

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