Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Wayne Rooney to mark the pitch for local football match

I'm probably exaggerating things to make a point here. There are probably a lot of highly paid professional sportsmen who put something back into the grass roots other than spit. But I'm trying to get across the importance of everyone doing their bit for the sport. In athletics, they usually do.

As an example that Parish Walkers can relate to, course record holder Sean Hands was lap scoring for about four hours at the 20 mile run on Sunday morning (along with loads of equally important volunteers).

The Parish Walk still needs helpers. The contacts are on the front page if you can spare some time to help.

But there is a short term requirement.

The Easter Festival is one of the show piece athletics events on the Isle of Man and it is so good to see hundreds of young people taking part. Manx Harriers have issued an urgent appeal for helpers and Paul Jackson has tabulated the requirements on the www.easterfestival.info website so that people can select from a range of roles that take up varying amounts of time on different days. Please spare a little bit of time from your Parish Walk training.

Have a look at http://www.manxathletics.com/manxharriers/EFhelpers.htm

I hope to see you at the Easter Festival. Who knows, there may be someone famous there. Nigel Mansell is on the Island the day before. Nigel, could you spare an hour on Friday evening to marshal the junction near your old home?

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