Thursday, 13 March 2008

Women do it better than men - again

In the last 9 days, my unofficial analysis of the entries show that women are continuing to get their entries in slightly faster than men.

There have been a further 31 online entries in the past 9 days including 16 women. Women now make up 122 of the 266 online entries.

Will they catch the men up at this rate?

Here are the 31 new names:

Andrew Corris
Andrew Willoughby
Andy Green
Antony Quayle
Carly May
David Goldsmith
Helen Lyall
Jeff Black
John Horton
John Staines
Judith Abell
Kate Bottomley
Kelly Sherratt
Lesley Chappell
Maggie Richardson
Mark Johnson
Martyn Anderson
Melanie Christian
Nigel Hart
Patrick Horton
Rachael Perry
Rachel Cuddy
Rosemary Brereton
Samantha Chappell
Simon Dunn
Timothy Fee
Timothy Martin
Tina Cowper
Trudi Halsall
Victoria Tomlinson
Wendy Rolland

Add yours as soon as possible please.

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