Thursday, 27 March 2008

How I helped Michael George set a personal best

We enjoyed an excellent meal at the Welbeck Hotel on Sunday and helped Michael George towards record bookings for a Sunday lunch. The meal was so good I had to phone Sue and tell her all about it.

“Hi Sue. Did you know that nice Michael George man who is trying to win the Parish Walk and is writing a blog at also runs the Welbeck Hotel with his wife Irene.”

“I believe they do lovely meals in the restaurant and their Sunday lunches are £15 for two courses or £18 for three” she replied.

“That’s not all.” I said “Up to two children can eat free when they are with an adult”.

“I seem to have lost their number, how do I get in touch” said Sue.

“Its 675663 or you can visit But before you go Sue, can I ask you a question”.

“Go on” she said.

“Do you realise how many people switch off the radio when they hear your awful adverts”.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Contrary to the scurrilous rumour that has definitely not been spread by Dave 'The Ascot' Mackey, we haven't paid for this fantastic advert, nor received an invoice...yet. It must be even harder for people who don't listen to Manx Radio but I cannot remember if Sue is the one I'm going block into her bloody driveway with her friend as well or the one who has to hurry to ring her brother to tell him about how cheap travel agents are before I strangle her. The one that has us fighting to reach the channel change fastest will involve me k.k.killing someone rather than rushing to Peel to buy a new k.k. room where you do the cooking.

I'm not really the violent person this comment would suggest but should these days I'd probably get off murder anyway if I claimed diminished advertability.