Thursday, 8 May 2008

14 near the end

Well, I failed miserably in my attempts to get people to enter early.

It has been possible to enter since midnight on 1 DECEMBER - that is more than five months ago.

I am not doing any further reminders on the site - after Saturday "entries have closed" will be published and you should not even consider asking for a late entry.

So if you do know anyone who has not entered but intends to do so, tell them to enter online NOW!

Here are the 14 latest entries:

Benjamin Anderson
David Cain
Katie Challenor
Sharon Cheeseman
Geraldine Conroy
Chris Hall
Thomas Hanks
Roger Hara
Wendy Heath
William Hindley
Ann McLellan
Lindsay J Quayle
Michael Sweeney
Peter Wood

Women 586
Men 565
Total 1151

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