Thursday, 1 May 2008

Women increase lead

I know that there are a lot more manual entries still to be input but I thought that I would run a quick check on the new names in the confirmed entries. There are now 334 women and 316 men, ie 650 entries altogether.

Here are the new names:

Clive Alford
Jon Allen
Stacey Bairstow
Juliette Barlow
Ali Bell
Julie Bell
James Betteridge
Claire Bradley
Terry Bradley
Diamond Buchan
James Buchan
Laura Burman
Anthony Cagney
Bernard Cannan
Debbie Clague
Jorden Close
Miriam Collister
Chris Coole
Charlotte Copparelli
Sam Corkill
Kathleen Corkish
Alison Corlett
Charlie Cowpe
Beth Crellin
Martin Critchley
Les Crowe
John Dignan
Amanda Dougherty
Jenny Dowling
Stefan Dunajewski
Christine Duncan
Robert Ennett
Annette Fargher
Martine Fleming
Audrey Fowler
Karen Galvin
Eleanor Gawne
Adrian Gilmour
Peter Glover
Sharif Gomaa
John Grady
John Griffin
Nick Halsall
Andy Harrison
Nicky Hester
Rebecca Hill
Louise Hopkinson
Paula Howell Evans
James Howitt
Lynn Howitt
Carol Kelly
Matthew Kelly
Phil Kerruish
Margy Killey
Carole Laporte
Matthew Lewis
Karen Locking
Gesina Loubser
Sharon Lunt
Laura Mackie
Michelle Marley
Andrew McCutcheon
Gordon Mellor
Emma Metcalfe
Michelle Mitchell
Terry Moffat
Freya Murray
William Nelson
Kimberley O'Brien
Andrew Oram
Mark Roberts
Tracy Roberts
David Rogerson
Jill Ryan
Dave Shaw
Michael Shimmin
Lloyd Shipstone
Julia Skillicorn
Matthew Skinner
Carol Smith
Christopher Smith
David Smith
Jackie Smith
Jamie-Lee Smith
Julie Snape
Clague Steve
Dave Stockton
Kerry Tasker
Jackie Turley
Ben Watterson
Tara Westcott
Donna Whalley
Delon Yuen

There was an error on the online system that charged £25 a week too early which has now been fixed.

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