Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Have three generations of the same family competed in the Parish Walk?

Its good fun sometimes to set the questions for quizzes. But it helps, of course, if you know the answers!

But the question above is one that I don't know the answer to. Perhaps someone would let me know if they do know if three generations from the same family have taken part.

Hopefully there will be someone this year. The picture above shows my late mother, Gwelda Lambden, at the start of the 1976 Parish Walk. She was 57 at the time and it seemed incredible at the time that someone of that age could make their debut in a long distance walking race. She held the lead jointly through to Malew but she dropped out at that point, something she always regretted as she didn't know what it was like to get a "second wind". She never took part in anything like it again.

That is my brother Martin on the left - its 20 years ago since he won the Parish Walk and has been on the organising committee for most of the years since then.

His daughter Kim was involved in a serious car accident as a teenager and suffered permanent damage to one of her legs. But she has been getting stronger and fitter as the years have gone by and regularly walks a few miles around Sulby with her dog. She wondered if she would be brave enough to enter the Parish Walk. She was 30 in April and so we sent her a cheque payable to Manx Harriers for her birthday present leaving her with very little choice!

I wonder if she will be setting a record.

You might recognise the third person in the picture although I would rather not! He was 19 at the time and less than 19 hours away from his first Parish Walk finish.

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