Friday, 9 May 2008

New featured walker

I've chosen the next person that I am going to feature on the website and am calling to talk with that person (and to take pictures) on the way home from work this evening. Whether I get the article written and published tonight will depend on family circumstances - I'm fully committed tomorrow.

I've received quite a few emails in recent weeks that I have not yet replied to - if you are one of those people, I'm sorry but I have been fully stretched with a number of projects.

Here are the latest names to be added to the list with a big thank you to Elizabeth Corran and Karen Kneale who must have been so busy in recent weeks with so many entries piling in using the old system. I think and hope that the online system will be the main method of entry next year.

Debby Ashe
Angie Astley
Matthew Black
Alison Brand
Stephen Brew
Barry Bridson
Kate Cain
Brenda Charlton
David Collister
Denise Foxton
Vzadimir Georgiev
Tommy Kelly
Ivo Krastev
Zoe McAndry
Miro Metodiev
Jane Mooney
Anne Oates
Kaloyau Petrov
Caroline Rielly
Michael Shipsides
Stefan Stefanov
Krastev Svetlin
Sieviya Tateva
Jonny Tyrer
David Warwick
Keith Watts
Keith Wilkinson

Women 597
Men 581
Total 1178

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Anonymous said...

Oh you're such a tease, Murray!