Friday, 23 May 2008

99 out 153

That's the number of last year's finishers that have returned this year.

My stats are all unofficial of course. I tried to calculate this at lunchtime today and couldn't get my VLOOKUP formula in Excel to work so I had to revert to a semi-manual system of calculation.

So its open to error and if anyone has changed their name in the past year I won't have picked that up either.

So here are the 99 that I think are returning:

Alan Kinvig
Alan McCulloch
Alison Brand
Amanda Whitelegg
Andrew Titley
Bernadette Devlin
Billy McCoubrey
Bob Corrin
Bob Noonan
Brian Connolly
Chris Cale
Chris Goldsmith
Chris Murphy
Chris Swales
David Anderson
David Churcher
David Clucas
David Collister
David Comish
David Cretney
David Whorrall
Denise Foxton
Dermot O'Toole
Dudley Butt
Eammon Harkin
Ernie Radcliffe
Fintan Suddards
Gillian Morphet
Gordon Erskine
Gordon Wynne-Smythe
Greg Nation
Ian Ashcroft
Ian Comish
Ian Marshall
Irene Taggart
Jane Birchall
Jane Crowe
Jane Mooney
Janice Quirk
Jeff Black
Jo Revill
Jo Richardson
Jock Waddington
John C Ryder
John Hunter
John Watterson
Julian Thomas
Julie Cretney
Kath Kelly
Katy Craig
Keith Watts
Keith Wilkinson
Les Webb
Lesley Chappell
Lynsey Singer
Marie Gilbertson
Mark Freeman
Mark Haynes
Mark Hempsall
Mark Kinley
Martijn Biesmans
Martyn Quayle
Matthew Haddock
Maureen Moffatt
Michael Bonney
Michael George
Michael Gray
Michael Shipsides
Mick Holgate
Mike Gellion
Mike Hickey
Moira Hall
Patrick Reid
Paul Boulton
Paul Morgans
Paul Phillips
Peter (George) Cannell
Peter Maurice Bell
Ray Hughes
Ray Pitts
Richard Spenceley
Rita Norrey
Robbie Callister
Rod Phillips
Rosemarie Crellin
Sean Murphy
Shirley Gage
Simon Cox
Simon Starkey
Stan Sille
Stella Corlett
Stephanie Gray
Steve Allen
Sue Biggart
Suzanne Biddulph
Terri Salmon
Terry Moffat
Wendy Easthope
Zoe McAndry

And here are the 54 that I can't find among this year's list:

Antony Atkinson
Barry Cowin
Brian Maddrell
Catherine Lowey
Charlie Turner
Danny Jordan
Darren M Mealin
Dave Cain
David Humphrey
Derek Keir
Eddie Christian
Eleanor Bingham
Gareth Jones
Geoff Finn
Jack Walton
Jackie Campbell
Jason Edwards
Jill Turner
Jon Russell-Dunn
Juan Charles Gell
Juan Hatton
Juan Kinnish
Julie Owen
Kathryn Kennaugh
Keith John Swales
Ken Halsall
Kevin Marshall
Laura Bradley
Lynda Jones
Mark Cleater
Mark Osborn
Martin Hall
Martin T Jennings
Martin Wood
Matthew Halsall
Maureen Jill Cox
Michael Ellis
Neil Shimmin
Paul Condon
Paul Jennings
Paul Jones
Paul Waters
Peter Bettridge
Peter Bradley
Rich Sims
Richard Done
Richard Fathers
Robbie Corkish
Robert G Wright
Rosie Snape
Simon Jones
Steve Partington
Steve Wood
Thomas Melvin

Correct me if I'm wrong.



Anonymous said...

Hi Murray,

Make that 100. Tony Atkinson's name is on the list.


Anonymous said...

Make that 99 again, Thomas Melvin is not on the official list but is on yours.

Anonymous said...

Best make that 98, I don't see Steve Partington on the official list either, Eagle Eyes ;-)

Anonymous said...

Think you'll find Murray has Thomas & Steve on his list of 'not returning'